Holding the meeting of US Embassador Mr.Scot Marciel respect to the Venerable Sayada w Baddanta Candimar Bivamsa, the Executive Sayadaw of the State Samgha Mahanayaka Committee

US Embassador HE Mr.Scot Marciel respected to the Venerable Sayadaw Baddanta Cendimar Bivamsa, the Executive Sayadaw of the State Samgha Mahanayaka  on Thursday,5th April 2018 at 9:00 AM in the Vijaya Mingalar Dhamma Sabin, Kabaaye Hillock.

The US Embassador and the Venerable Sayadaw reciprocally introduce to each other.The US Embassador Mr.Scot Marciel asked the Venerable Sayadaw thus: “I would like to know that started year and the duties of the State Samgha Mahanayaka Committee” The Venerable Sayadaw answered thus:”State Samgha Mahanayaka Committee has been carrying out for the Three main duties which are Religious Affairs,Viniccaya Affairs and Educational Affairs.

Then the US Embassador asked thus: “I would like to know the relationship between the State Samgha Mahanayaka Committee and the Government.

The Venerable Sayadaw explained thus: The supporting of Government is need for the Promotion and Propagation of Sasana; the Meeting  of All-Sect of Samghas were held successfully not only by the supporting of the Government  of Socialist Republic of Myanmar but also by donation of donors  or alms-foods, robes, monasteries, medicine which are the four requisite things are need for activities of Promotion and Propagation of Sasana;The Government is performing for Purification, Stability, Propagation of Sasana by admonishment of the Venerable Sayadaws; If the problems which are to be annoying for Promotion of Sasana,the Government needs to solve these; the direct relationship is not between the State Samgha Mahanayaka Committee and the Government but it is like the relationship between monks and disciples.

The Meeting was closed at 10:00 AM after discussion of the two side. The Executive Venerable Sayadaw Baddanta Candimar Bivamsa, the Director U Tun Nyunt of the Department of Sasana and Viniccaya Affairs ,the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Culture, the Deputy Director U Wai Lin and The officers of Department of External Affairs  attended the meeting.

Translated by Daw Moe Moe San