The Purposes of the Samgha Organization of different levels are following:

  1. To pure, stable and promote the Theravada Sasana,
  2. To control and preserve the Samgha who dwell and practise with following the Principle (Vinaya);
  3. To promote the Pariyatti Sasana (Studying of the Teachings of Buddha) and to protect the writing, preaching, showing and acting of non-stable the Sasana;
  4. To promote the Pariyatti Sasana which is suitable the Pariyatti;
  5. To perform Ganthadura or Vipassanadura or the all of two by the Samgha;
  6. To enjoy the Pativeda Sasana for the Samgha who have geting a chance to perform peacefully the two dura;
  7. To do unite the all Sects of Samgha who are senior or junior in activities of benefit of the Sasana.