Implementation from Township level to State level

(a) Samgha Vinicchaya Committees must carry out their task within (15) days after their formation. After beginning of their task, they must carry out it to finish completly within (60) days. If the task is not finished, before permitted date expire, they must report reasons to respective the State Samgha Maha Nayaka Committee and attain permission for necessary extension days, not more than 60 days at one time and not more than two times.

(b) Without investigating inquisitors and the accused that do not refuse to be examined in the original offence Vinicchaya decision must not be made. If it is made, the respective Region or State and the State Vinicchaya Committee must investigate on the inquisitors and the accused according to formalities of Vinicchaya Dhammakamma. If decision is made without investigation, all decisions of the respective Vinicchaya Committees of different levels must be regarded as unlawfulness and become null and void.

(c) After Vinicchaya decision, none of the Vinicchaya decisions must not be cancelled, rejected, added to revised, chainged and defined in meaning.