Pali Pahtamapyan Examinations

How to appear

  1. As a main objective to propagate the Pariyatti Sasana, which is the foundation of Buddha Sasana, Pali Pahtamapyn examinations were held during the Reign of Tharlun King starting from Myanmar Era. 1000, year 1638. There were two ways to answer these examinations. One way was to answer Pali questions by reciting and another way was to answer the meaning of Pali questions which were also recited. As these Pahtamapyan examinations were held on every period, starting from the time when King Sipaw was caught and carried away, these examinations could not be held and stopped for ten years.
  2. Taung-Taw Tharthanapaing Venerable Monk, Pakhan Venerable Monk, Hla-Htwe Venerable Monk and Lekaing Mayor and Kinwin Mingyi who were worried about Sasana advised English government that Pahtamapyan examinations should be held again. According to that advise, English government, under supervision of Pahtamapyan committee. The Committee held Pahtamapyam examination every year starting from the month of Nayon 1257, year 1895.
  3. Pali-Pahtamapyan examinations added by primary basic level were held starting from 1346 (1984). At 2002, primary basic level was not held on and only Pahtamange, Pahtamalatt and Pahtamagyi examinations were held. At the year 2016, central educational committee of Pali Pahtamapyan asked for kindness and appealed to State Samgha Maha Nayaka Committee to hold Primary basic level. Therefore the 11th meeting of State Samgha Maha Nayaka Committee consisting of 47 members decided that the primary basic level must be held again starting from the year 2017, that the questions must be issued by the Central Educational Committee of Pahtamapyan, that State or Region Samgha Nayaka Committee must carry out the responsibilities of  examining answer-papers and issuing results and that all complete results must be submitted to the Central Educational Committee of Pali Pahtamapyan.
  4. As the number of the persons who entered Pahtamapyan Examinations was increased year by year, the duties and responsibilities of the Central Educational Committee became large such as keeping questions for security and distributing question papers in time to the respective examination centres. In order to decrease those responsibilities and to be easy in holding these examinations, by receiving honourable advice from State Samgha Maha Nayaka Monks, the Chairman Monks of All-Sect of Samgha from respective monks who are performing honourable work for state and province, the Chairman Monks of township Samgha Maha Nayaka Committees and Heads (Nayaka) Monks of monasteries, donors and Monks co-ordinated and held these examinations in the respective state and provinces.
  5. According to the decision of the Sixth meeting of State Central Samgha Executive Committee, to be the same question and time table for all over Myanmar Country, Central Educational Committee of Pahtamapyan carried out again the tasks of producing questions, examining and issuing the results for 238 permitted examination-centres till today.
  6. Basic education high level examination was held every year and from last week of March to 11 April, seven days examination for seven Pahtamagyi Subjects, six days examination for six Pahtamalatt subjects and 5 days examinations for Pahtamange subjects were held simultaneously 239 examination centres all over Myanmar Country. Four days examinations for four subjects of basic primary level were also added and held starting from the year 2017. As for qualification, not only Monks, Novices and Nuns but also persons whose age reaches 13 years at the day of first examination have the right to enter the examinations. The basic primary level examination was held examination started from 2017 and one whose age reaches over 12 years old can get permission to take the examination. In 1376 (2008), If one who passed the basic primary level examination, he can get permission to take Pahtamange Examination.

Offered Certificates

Among the Monks all over the country who answer the examination, the Monks who hold first, second, third in Pahtamange level are offered first, second, third certificate and first, second, third holders in Pahtamalatt level are offered first, second, third certificate respectively. Since Myanmar Era 1260, the Monks who obtained the highest marks in Pahtamagyi examination are offered Pahtamakyaw pass certificate and second, and third holders are offered second and third certificate. Among the Nuns who passed the examinations, in all levels, first holders in Pahtamagyi, Pahtamalatt and Pahtamange are awarded first certificate. The Monks and the Nuns who get award will the offered certificates in the Dhammacariya Convocation and the Monks and Nuns who pass ordinary are offered certificate in the head officer of township religious affairs.