Duties and Responsibilities

Duties and responsibities of Education   Sub-committee.

(a) Tasks of Tipitaka Examination

(b) Tasks of Dhammacariya Examinations

(c) Tasks of Pahtamabyan Examinations

(d) Taska of Nikaya Examinations

(e) Tasks of Abhidhamma and Visuddhimagga Examinations

(f) Tasks of Culture Buddhist Examinations

(g) Tasks of Monastery Education Examinations

(h) Tasks of Training Schools for Head of Monastery.

(i) Tsaks of International Theravada Buddhist Missionary University

(j) Tasks of State Pariyatti Sasana Universities (Yangon , Mandalay)

(k) Tasks of distributing Tipitaka Pali-Myanmar Dictionaries , acient litrature and Sasana Yaung-gyi Journals

(l) Tasks of Library

The Sub-committees  carry  out  their  respect  duties  and  if  necessary ,  they  submit  to  the  metting  of  the  member  Monks.  When  the  committee  of  15  member  Monks  is  not  suitable  to  decide  the  important  case , they  submit  these  case  to  the  metting  of  47- member  Monks.

The performance  of  above  Sub-committes  must  be  submitted  to  the  metting  of  47  member  committee  and  obtain  the  confirmation  from  the    The  performances  of  the  metting  of  47-member  committee  alltogether  with  those  of  respective  Sub-committees  must  be  submitted  to  the  meeting  of  State  Central  Samgha  Wan Saung  which  is held  yearly  in  the  month  of  Taboung  and  must  obtain confirmation  from  the  latter. If  the  principles  and  procedures  have  to  be  amended , it  must  be  submitted  to  the  meeting  of the State Central  Samgha  Wan Saung  and  carry  out  for  amendment.

The implementations  of the State  Central  Samgha Wan Saung  committee are  submitted to the  meeting of All-sect  of  Samgha  and  obtain  the  confirmation  from  the  If  the  basic  principles  of  Samgha  committees  are  necessary  to  be  amended, the  State  Central  Samgha Wan Saung  Committee  submit  it  to  the  meeting  of  All-sect  of  Samgha  and  amend  it.

The ministry  of  Sasana  affairs  has to  carry  out  such  a great  volume  of  tasks  of  State  Samgha Maha Nayaka  ( San-procedurepara-106)

The Head of the Departemt  of  Sasana  Affairs  and  branch- department  of  Vanicchaya  carry  out  the  tasks  of  the  Sub-committee  of  Sasana  affairs  and  the  Sub-committee  of Vinacchaya  and  branch  department  of  Examination ,  the head  of the  Departemt of Religious  Affairs, the Department for the Promotion and  Propagation  of  the Sasana , the State  Priyatti Sasana  Universities  (Yangon / Mandalay) and  the International Theravada  Buddhist  Missionary  University  carry  out  the task  of  the  Sub-committee of education.