Nikaya Examinations

Nikaya Examinations how to appear

  1. Acient Venerable presiding Monks preserved Pitaka Nikaya commentaries so that they did not disappear. To perpetuate and propagate Pariyatti Sasana, King Mindon, after addressing formally to the certificated Venerable presiding Monks, honoured the Buddha Sasana by holding Pariyatti-examinations and convening the Fifth Buddhist Synod in stone manuscripts. Also, after Myanmar Kings disappeared, Supreme heads of Venerable Monks carried out to prosper and propagate Pariyatti Sasana by Teaching the Samgha all over Myanmar in order to be skill in 5 Nikaya and Pitaka Pali through out commentaries.


  1. During the period of independence, Supreme heads of Venerable Monks and heads of State together honoured the Great Sasana by editing and purifying 5 Nikaya and Pitaka Pali Commentries and convening the Sixth Buddhist Synod in Mahapasana Cave at Sirimigala Kabaaye Hill. Because only Vinaya, Suttanta and Abhidhamma were described and taught for Pali Pahtamapyan examinations which were started from the Reign of Tharlun King, 5 Nikaya Commentaries did not achieve.


  1. To be skill in Nikaya, Dhammacariya examinations were invented, prescribed and held starting from Myanmar year 1382 (1940). Not only three Commentaries of Parajika, Silakkhandha and Dhammasangani Pali and the Atthakatha of above Commentries as three original Commentaries but also the remaining Pali-Attha katha Commentaries as Seven honoured Commentaries Spreading 5 Nikaya were prescribed for the above lecturer- examinations. But the students endeavour to learn only the three based commentaries, and there are almost no students who want to endeavour to learn the honour commentaries.


  1. Because the persons who had passed the three origional Commentaries of Dhammacariya lecturer level have ability to study and understand Pali, Atthakatha and Tika Commentaries, have to learn Nikaya Commentaries in order to spread out. Because at the time of decreasing faith and effort, there is almost no one who studied and learned Nikaya Commentaries, the latter became dead Commentaries. They arrived at the condition of the time when they were stored in the bureaus and cupboard only for show. Because the essence of Dhamma described in Nikaya commentaries were not known, the practise of Pariyatti meditations became decreased.


  1. Therefore, the Supreme heads of presiding Monks invented and prescribed the selection examination of Tipitakadhara and held it starting at Myanmar year 1310 (1949). As reciting is based to answer these examinations, only bright Novice and Monks of great wisdom can answer above examinations and most of Persons and Monks cannot answer these.


  1. The Venerable presiding Monks of State Saghama Maha Nayaka Committee who have observed and considered that conditions, intending the Novice and Monks together with persons learn, understand and prictice, the essence of the teaching of Buddha, a greed that written examination of 5Nikaya Pitaka Pali should be held so that all Novice and Monks together with persons can learn the Teachings of Buddha at the Fourth meeting attended by whole 47 members of State Samgha Maha Nayaka Committee. The Nikaya examinations were held starting from 1992 and promoted helding Mahavidua Examinations starting from 2000.