The Cases which must not be accepted and investigated by Vinaya Dhara monks

(a) Murder

(b) Dacoit, robbery

(c) State revolution, rebellion

(d) Spy of enemy

(e) Spreading the policy of enemy

(f) Striving to destroy administration

(g) Striving to fail war

(h) Cases of heritage possession

(i) Cases of unsuitable asking for donation of land and island for cultivation

(j) Cases of heroin and drugs

(k) Cases of pawning

(l) Crisis cases of disputes regarding with trade

(m) Cases of demanding for compensation of gold and money which are not propertis of lay attendant of monastery

(n) Crisis cases of any property which are concerned with Buddha Sasana

(o) The cases of murder, rape, dacoit, robbery which have not strong evident but have been judged by civil court have a chance to be investigated by Vinicchaya Committees