Dhammacariya Examinations

How to appear

            Starting from the Myanmar Era 1299, not only Pali-pahtamapyan examinations but also Dhammacariya examinations were held. In the Second World War, those examinations could not be held for four years from Myanmar Era 1384 (1942) to Myanmar Era 1387 (1945). In 1946, after Myanmar became independent, a special officer of Religious Affairs was appointed, under the Ministry of Home and Religious Affairs which carried out the responsibilities of holding Pahtamapyan and Dhammacariya examinations for Pariyatti Education Section. In Myanmar Era 1312 (1950), the Act of Pali-University and Dhammacariya was prescribed and according to that act, Pali-Universities were established. Then, the central Pali-University committee consisting of the reciting Monks from Pali-Universities was formed. This committee supervised Dhammacariya examination and held Dhammacariya lecturer Examination seperately without holding it together with Pahtamapyan examinations.

Qualification of answerers

  1. (a) Monk, novice, nun, person whoever can answer;
    (b) Only after passing Pahtamagyi can answer Dhammacariya;
    (c) Only first primary degree holder can answer the upper level examination;
    (d) One has the right to answer at the examination centre at his town where he keeps lent;
    (e) Do not get permission for examination from another examination centre except the examination centre which you got permission.

Offered degree emblems

After passing three original commentaries of ordinary Dhammacariya, Dhammacariya (first) (Aggamahakyaw) emblem is offered to the highest mark holder, Dhammacariya second emblem is offered to the second holder and Dhammacariya third emblem is offered to the third holder. Among the Nuns all over the country who pass the three commentaries of Dhammacariya, first Nun emblem is offered to the highest mark holder offering degree emblems and certificates is celebrated yearly on the second week of February at Yangon and Mandalay alternately. These offerable degree certificates are as follows –

  • Sasanadhaja Dhammarcariya Degree is offered to the persons who pass the three origional commentries of ordinary Dhammarcariya;
  • Sasanadhaja-Siripavara Dhammarcariya Degree is offered to those who pass three origional commentry and any commentry of Burmese honour;
  • If any one passes the three origional commentaries and Pali-honour, according to the subject he passes, Sasanadhaja Dhammacariya Vinaya Pali Paragu Degree, Sasanadhaja Dhammarcariya Dighanikaya Pali Paragu Degree, and Sasanadhaja Dhammarcariya Abidhamma Pali Paragu Degree are offered.

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