Holding for the Fifth, Third-Meeting of the responsible third group of the Seventh State Samgha Mahanayaka Committee 0n Thursday,30ty November,2017 in the Meeting Hall of State Samgha Mahanayka Committee at 1:00pm in the Meeting Hall of the State Samgha Mahanayaka Committee”

After the Meeting was opened by reciting the verse:“Sasanassa cca lokassa”, the Associate Secretary of State Samgha Mahanayaka Committee  Aggamaha Panddita, Dvipittakadhara Venerable Dhamma Yaungchi Sayadaw Performed as the Master of Ceremony of the meeting and the Vice Chairman of State Samgha Mahanayka Committee  Abidhajamaharathaguru Sinmin Sayadaw Bhaddanta Obarsar Bivamsa performed as the Chairman of it. The ceremony was closed by reciting “Buddha Sasanan Ccirantitthatu” 3 times at 4:15pm.

The 15 Venerable Sayardaws of the third responsible group the Seventh State Samgha Mahanayka Committee and the Director U Tun Nyunt, Director U Tun Zaw Myint who  led  the officers and service personnel of the Department of Religious Affairs and the Department of Promotion and Propagation of Sasana attended to the Meeting.

Translated by Daw Moe Moe San