Going to Sirilanka of the Myanmar Delegation to whom led by the Venerable Sayardaw, the State Samgha Maha Nayaka Committee

The Venerable Sayadaw Aggamaha Panddita Siribivamsa who led the Myanmar Delegation went to Sirilanka for attending to the Seventh Buddhist Summit, World Buddhist Supreme Conference in Colombo from (2.11.2017) to (7.11.2017), on 31st October, 2017 by the Morning flight.

The authorized persons of the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Culture Conveyed the Myanmar Delegation at the Yangon International Airport.

The Venerable Sayardaw Agga Maha Panddita Bhaddanta Odata Siribivamsa, the Venerable Sayardaw Baddanta Kumuda, the Rector of the State Pariyatti Sasana University (Mandalay) and Director General U Moe Zaw Shwe of the Department of Promotion and Propagation of Sasana, U Ye Lin Swe, the staff officer of the Board of External Affairs , the State Samgha Mahanayaka Committee were the contributors of the Delegation.

Translated by Daw Moe Moe San